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  1. Take Cover Protect and Color All in One
    As low as AED192.00
    The lightweight, oil-free foundation safeguards the natural…
  2. Clear Eyes Eye Make Up Remover
    Special Price AED100.00 Regular Price AED125.00
    The Eye Make Up Remover gently cleanses and removes…
  3. JGlow Facial Balancing Cream
    Special Price AED190.40 Regular Price AED238.00
    Facial balacing cream with intensive clarity effect. A…
  4. JGlow All Face Wash Cleansing Gel
    Special Price AED103.20 Regular Price AED129.00
    The "All Face Wash Clarifying Cleansing…
  5. So White Eyes - Eye Cream
    Special Price AED192.00 Regular Price AED240.00
    Protect, hydrate and brighten the eyes by inhibiting…
  6. So White Whitening Serum
    Special Price AED176.00 Regular Price AED220.00
    With its blend of skin-brightening ingredients, the So…
  7. Love Eyes Advance Eye Firming Cream
    Special Price AED160.00 Regular Price AED200.00
    Advance Firming Eye contour Cream with a unique…
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7 Items

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