JGlow Facial Toner & Balancer

Skin Care

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Balancing, clearing and refreshing. The JGLOW Facial Toner and balancer fights bacteria and skin breakouts, leaving it plumped, toned and refreshed with a healthy-looking glow



    • Use the toner after "JGlow All Face Wash" cleansing, day and night, while avoiding the eye area
    • Apply the toner on a cotton pad and gently wipe it over your skin
    • Do not rinse
    • If dryness or peeling occurs, reduce the usage to one time per day

    • Menthol: Refreshes and cools the skin
    • Zinc Gluconate: Reduces the overproduction of sebum
    • Bisabolol (German Chamomile): An ant i-inflammatory that reduces redness and calms the skin


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