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Story of Joelle

Joelle Mardinian is the host of the makeover TV show titled “Joelle” which has been airing on mbc1, the middle east’s number one satellite TV channel for 12 consecutive years, a channel that scores more than 120 million viewers per day. Featuring extreme makeovers and fashion/beauty analysis of the latest trends in the industry.

Joelle acquired the position of the most influential fashion and make up expert in the middle east being the most loved female TV personality by fans across GCC.

In 2008 Joelle started Joelle group by opening Maison de Joelle– a chain of nine salons to date, offering an all-encompassing beauty experience

The momentum continues with the opening of Clinica Joelle, a dedicated cosmetic clinic in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for surgical and non-surgical solutions in collaboration with a list doctors, surgeons, slimming experts and beauty consultants.

With her unique vision for beauty, and alongside a dedicated team of beauty experts and a pioneering french beauty lab, Joelle has finally created a range of beauty products. Joelle Paris hair and face range is the outcome of four years of research and development in the finest beauty labs of Paris. The beauty line took dedication, ambition and most important of all passion to become where it is today.

The story behind the story

The journey began when renowned beauty expert Joelle made a keen observation that led her to a starting discovery: When it comes to beauty, most women seem to focus on what makeup to wear over their skin, overlooking the love and care they ought to be giving it first.
Joelle’s name has been synonymous with beauty and with giving the latest beauty advice for over a decade, as she is always in search of the next best thing. On her quest for flawless, beautiful skin, Joelle went on a journey of discovery to the capital of magnificence: Paris. Where better to look than in the city of style and splendor?

Beauty is a concept that is hard to define but it is a key that opens the door to a world of confidence, power and positivity . That’s why we’re starting with the very foundations of beauty: Your hair and skin.


Our Mission

We aspire to give every woman the right to feel beautiful and comfortable in her own skin. With the right tools, women can forever maintain and nurture their beauty.

We strive for perfection in all that we do, and shall continue the quest for quality, originality and of course… beauty.