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-        Customer can earn as well as redeem Qitaf points for their purchases at Joelle online store (http://joelleparis.com)

-        In order to shop a customer must create a profile on Joelle website which would also help him/her to earn Qitaf points


Following are the detailed steps for each transaction type:

Redeem Qitaf at Joelle:

-        Customers can redeem their points for shopping at the Joelle website http://joelleparis.com

-        In order to redeem Qitaf points, the user can provide a valid Qitaf number while checking out to pay for the purchases

-        Normal Qitaf to SR ratio will apply i.e. SR 1 is equal to 5 Qitaf points (or SR 0.20 equals 1 Qitaf point)

-        Please note user can redeem the full order amount and partial payment will not be permissible for redemptions.

o   For Example:

§    For shopping worth SR 100, the user must redeem the full amount in Qitaf value i.e. 500 Qitaf Points.

§    It is not possible to pay SR 60 with Credit card and the rest of SR 40 with Qitaf points.

Earn Qitaf from Joelle:

-        Customers will be able to earn Qitaf points for their purchases at Joelle for their spend at Joelle also.

-        For every SAR 10 spent, 1 Qitaf point will be added to users Qitaf account when they make purchases

-        All a user needs to do is to provide a valid/active Qitaf GSM number while shopping

-        To add the Qitaf number, user needs Go to http://joelleparis.com and Signup (creating a profile) to add his STC Number on the profile page.

-        User must double check the number he/she provides, as it must be enrolled in Qitaf.

-        Whenever the user pay to Joelleparis.com by credit card , Qitaf points will be added based on the value spent within 24 hours.

-        The amount of Qitaf earned will be showed when the payment is complete at the checkout page

-        Details are also available Qitaf website, users can be directed to visit the page for further details

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

-        How many points will I earn when I spend money for Joelle Paris services?

For each SAR 10 spent, 1 Qitaf point will be added. But points will be rounded based on the value spent


o   A user spent SR 25 so based on 10:1 (Qitaf Point for each SAR 10 spent) 2 points will be added not 2.5

o   A user spent SR 35 so based on 10:1 (Qitaf Point for each SAR 10 spent) 3 points will be added not 3.5

o   A user spent SR 39 so based on 10:1 (Qitaf Point for each SAR 10 spent) 3 points will be added not 3.9


-        Can I pay part of my order amount by Qitaf and the rest of amount by my Credit card?

Right now, this is not allowed you should pay the full amount by your Qitaf point.


-        When will I receive the points ?

Within 24 hours after the payment made successfully


-        Will I be notified when points are redeemed or added to my account for purchases at Joelle

Yes, a user will receive SMS notification upon redeeming as well as earning the points

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